College is hard.
Getting in doesn't have to be. is an interactive resource where high school students can easily manage the complex process of selecting, applying and getting into college.

From searching and applying for college to acquiring financial aid and getting accepted, Frosh Monster has you covered.

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It's Easy!

Feeling daunted by all the specific requirements and details? Worried a deadline might slip right by you? We provide you with access to each task with…

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Tracking System!

Tired of having to constantly remind yourself of what to do? Want a system to keep you on top of your game? Frosh is here to help...

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Our tasks guide you through all these areas and are specific to each individual year and term in high school.

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Frosh Monster is an App for:


Frosh's system takes the boredom out of the application process by showing you the roadmap, giving you the keys, and letting you drive yourself into your future.

Students can also:

  • Do your tasks from wherever, whenever. You can complete your tasks 24/7 from your cell phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Wherever you’re at in school, a freshman or a senior, Froshmonster can keep you up to date on your tasks from the semester down to the week.
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Not sure what your student needs to do to get into college? Tired of nagging them to get started? Worried about financing higher education? Relax, Frosh Monster manages the entire process.

Guardians can also:

  • Whether a freshman or a senior, Frosh Monster keeps all students on track and up to date, making sure they complete every task for each semester.
  • We will nudge and nag your students to complete their tasks while keeping you in the loop so they will NOT miss a single deadline.
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Student advisors, counselors, or coaches will find Frosh Monster helpful in preparing students for success, especially when students cannot be met with regularly.

Advisors can also:

  • Have peace of mind in knowing your students are working through the college admissions process when you are unable to work with them.
  • We help students plan ahead so they work all their extracurricular, academic and family calendars into a single plan for each year.
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It's interactive!

Having trouble managing all the info you need for your application? Feel like you’re not getting anywhere?  Frosh Monster works with you to keep track of all the tiny bits of information to minimize the busy work of filling out college apps.

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It's gamified!

Our Frosh Monster Tracking System will award you with points and badges as you complete each step on the path to getting into college. We can't yell “GREAT JOB” every time something is completed, but we can give you points!

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It's affordable!

Frosh Monster wants all students to have access to this valuable information. We have all sorts pricing options available and signing up is easy! You can try our new system for 30 days, or you pre-pay for years at a time. Either way, you will want to use Frosh for the rest of your high school years…

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